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What do you get when you combine nine years of hard work and dedication, soft, luxurious comfort, high quality fabrics, love and acceptance, and effortless style? 

You get House of Koopslie, a Canadian woman-led brand of eco-friendly, ethically manufactured multi-wear bamboo clothing and accessories for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. As a woman and a mother, I believe that all women deserve to feel comfortable and in their element, loving not only their look, but also themselves, and everything that makes them unique, special, fearless, capable, and unstoppable, exactly the way they are, right now. Pure love.

I pride myself on creating pieces that not only help you love yourself and look fabulous at the same time, but that also are versatile, allowing for multiple looks that go from day to night and everywhere in between with ease and comfort. After all, clothing goes with us wherever we go. It is such a large part of our day and our journey, so wherever you are going, I want you to rock it with self-love, luxurious comfort and effortless style.

With love and bamboo,

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