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Does your packaging sell your product, or is it merely something that contains your product?

Great packaging can make or break a product’s sell rate.

We’ve all been there, browsing items at our favourite store. Our minds subconsciously guiding us straight by some products that we never even stop to look at, while others seem to jump right into our hands. This is what great packaging does. It elevates your products. It grabs your customer and connects them to your product. It excites buyers. It creates an emotional connection that turns browsers into buyers.

Does your packaging do that?

Koopslie Consulting has experience creating great packaging that successfully sells products. Our Packaging Review Service offers you the opportunity to have your products and packaging reviewed by experts who have successfully created and sold multiple product lines to hundreds of stores. We will look at your product and packaging, and clearly lay out for you what is working and what could be changed to bring you more sales success.


Ensure your packaging is communicating the right message to your customers. 

The Great Packaging Program starts in late August—sign up for our newsletter and we will send you more information soon!

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