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Reaching out to stores doesn't have to be scary. Let me make it easy for you with my “fill in the blank” email templates.

With These Templates, You'll Know Exactly What To Say To Stores To Get Them To Say "Yes" To Carrying Your Line!



I used your follow up email and 42% of stores already got back to meI also got 4 orders and 4 more stores said they’ll be placing orders soon!”

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You KNOW the Secret to Growing Your Product Business... WHOLESALE!

BUT... What's the Secret to Actually Getting Wholesale Orders?


The REAL REASON You Can't Actually Get Wholesale Orders And GROW Your Business -- You Don't Know What To Say To Buyers!

Reaching Out To Stores To Carry Your Line Kinda Sucks.

Especially if you don't know what to say, right?!

And if you’re like most of the Product Brand Owners I work with, you got into this business because you love designing and bringing your products to life...

...not spending your time doing sales!

And chances are that if you’ve been at this for some time and you’re not making the sales you envisioned, you may be feeling frustrated that all that work hasn’t led to the business you envisioned. 




Getting wholesale orders will grow your business!

Wholesale will bring you and your business more money, more brand awareness and you will reach a whole new client base. 

But, how do you get a store to say "yes!" to putting your product on their shelf?

If you’re like most makers and product brand owners that I work with:

  • maybe you’ve already tried to get orders from stores, but perhaps stores are not getting back to you or
  • perhaps you haven’t reached out because you have no idea what to even say to a buyer to get a wholesale order. 

If you have reached out to stores and they are not getting back to you, chances are you may be feeling afraid to reach out to more stores, because getting ghosted and rejected sucks! 

It might make you feel like your product is not good enough and you might be questioning your products or your business or even questioning if you are good enough. 

Or you might be stuck in that blinking cursor syndrome where you find yourself staring at a blank screen with a blinking cursor while you ask yourself, “What do I even say to a buyer? How do I say it? And how do I know I’m saying all the right things?!”

It can be so daunting and intimidating that you avoid it looking for other ways to stay busy and distracted in your business. 

 And I get it.

Nobody tells you how to get wholesale orders. Trying to enter the world of wholesale may feel like you’re trying to break into a secret society. 

There are brands out there that clearly got in and are selling to stores, but it seems that no one wants to share how they got into all those stores. 

The Cold Hard Truth is:



They don't have the time or patience to deal with unprepared brands or ones that don't know what they are doing when it comes to wholesale. They won't work with you if you don't stand out and if you don't tell them what they need to know right away. They will move on to another, more prepared brand.  

So, If You Don’t KNOW how to Reach Out To Buyers, you will NOT get wholesale orders and your business won’t grow the way you had envisioned. 

And... your competitors will get on those store shelves instead of you.

Show me just one successful product brand that has grown their wholesale without knowing how to reach out to stores.

 You can’t!

That’s because they know that in order to get wholesale orders, you have to know how to reach out and ask buyers for orders.

Wholesale orders won’t come to you on their own. 

If you’ve already tried to get some orders and it hasn’t worked, it’s not your fault!

The World of Wholesale is like a SECRET CLUB. Nobody wants to share how they got into all those stores. But I do!

And I know that knowing what to say to a store can make the difference between getting ignored or rejected and getting a big juicy wholesale order. 

If you’ve already felt that nudge to start selling to stores, then that means you already have what it takes and you will be able to do it. 

The Solution Is Knowing What To Say And How To Say It.





Get Instant Access to my 

12 Winning Email Templates and




  • Three templates that will help you introduce your line to a wholesale buyer with confidence
  • Three different ways to check in with an existing account for a reorder, without sounding salesy or sleazy 
  • The two emails you must send to a store when they place an order (YAY!), so that you start developing a great relationship with them and get the buyer excited about carrying your brand.
  • Two ways to follow up if a buyer isn’t getting back to you in a super casual, easy going (non salesy) way without fear of rejection
  • What to say to a store when they reach out to you to carry your line, so you look like a pro and get that order fast!
  • How to address sample requests - what to say to start building a relationship so that you can get that first order from that buyer ASAP!

PLUS you’re receiving these additional BONUSES valued at $278 for FREE!


Your BONUSES Include:


Bonus # 1 - Wholesale selling point ideas to help your brand stand out to buyers, so they say yes to carrying your brand! ($47 value)

Bonus # 2 - Wholesale selling points workbook, so you can come up with your brand’s wholesale selling points and stand out even more to buyers! ($37 value)

Bonus # 3 Video training - the secret tool I use to make wholesale easier than ever ($97 value)

Bonus # 4 - How to plan out your next 30 days for wholesale success  ($97 value)



Since starting my business, I’ve helped many entrepreneurs grow their wholesale. People come to me because I got my own line into over 600 stores in just 2 years and since then, I've been consistently helping my clients and students grow their wholesale big time. 

And having premium prices has allowed me to attract highly committed clients! I’ve had clients pay me anywhere between $1500-$8000 per month to work with me in an intimate setting to grow their wholesale. 

My courses and programs cost $2,000 to $5,000. 

A professional writer can charge $100+ per hour for writing services. Since they don’t understand the world of wholesale, they will have to do extra research to learn what to say to a buyer and in reality it could cost you $1200+ for 12 email templates. And those wouldn't have been tested on hundreds of stores, like these templates have been, so it’s possible that you’d still be in the dark and questioning whether those templates would even work. 

So in regards to these templates, I do not offer anything this inexpensive, and chances are I never will again!

So, why now?

Over the past few years, I’ve seen so many product business owners struggle with wholesale. They don’t know what to say to a store, so they never reach out. Some try contacting stores, but say too much, not enough or say the wrong thing, and buyers don’t get back to them. So they don’t get the wholesale orders they dream of. They stay stuck in their wholesale dream and never make it any further than just a dream in your head, which means if you never get this figured out, you'll never go on to get wholesale orders and grow your business...which means we won't ever get the chance to keep working together! 

Because I know that once you see how much success you can have with wholesale, you'll want to take more of my courses or you may even want to work with me to grow your wholesale even bigger and better!

It's for that reason that I want to make sure I get these templates into as many hands as possible so I can help you get going with wholesale even faster.

Knowing what to say to a buyer is ESSENTIAL. And when you finally know exactly what to say, consider how many opportunities will immediately unlock for you.

If you would like my help and guidance in doing that, your investment is just $147. (By the way, that’s just  $12.25 per template!)

And by passing up on this one-time offer, are you really saying that knowing exactly what to say to a buyer so you can get more wholesale orders is NOT worth $147 to you?

Let's hope not! 

So, if you are ready to finally know exactly what to say to buyers with confidence, so you can start getting wholesale orders, get your templates now by clicking the link below!


Get My Winning Email Templates To Get You From No Sale to Wholesale!



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Here's what you're getting with The Winning Email Templates:

  • Instant access to 12 amazing email templates to get you more wholesale orders! They will transform you from not knowing what to say to a buyer to showing up with confidence and knowing exactly what to say to land a wholesale order (value $297)


PLUS you're getting these AMAZING BONUSES so you can grow your business even faster:


Bonus # 1 - Wholesale selling point ideas to help your brand stand out to buyers, so they say yes to carrying your brand! ($47 value)

Bonus # 2 - Wholesale selling points workbook, so you can come up with your brand’s wholesale selling points and stand out even more to buyers! ($37 value)

Bonus #3 - Video training - the secret tool I use to make wholesale easier than ever  ($97 value)

Bonus # 4 - How to plan out your next 30 days for wholesale success  ($97 value)


Below is the list of common questions that I've been asked.

If for some reason you don't see your question, just email the head of our support team ([email protected]) so we can assist you. Sound good?

If you’re looking to get wholesale orders fast without worrying about what to say to a wholesale buyer, then you have an opportunity to do that now!

You have 4 extra bonuses I’ve specifically chosen for you to smooth out the bumps, get you to your goal faster, and give you accountability and support. And I’ve given you $150 off the regular price.

If that sounds good to you… then it’s yours… unless you hesitate. If you wait until the deadline passes then you will lose the bonuses and the discount.


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