Winning with Wholesale™


An 8 week program for designers, makers and brands that want to get their products into stores. 


ENROLL in Winning with Wholesale™ NOW!

Does the idea of selling your products in stores across the county (or perhaps even across the world!) get you excited and fired up? 


Do you know that it would mean big things for your business?

Would you like to finally start reaping the benefits of all the hard work, the sweat, the blood, and the tears it took to bring your products to life? Do you look at other brands’ products happily sitting on store shelves and think, “I want that too!”? Do your customers tell you that your products are awesome and that you should sell them in stores? Do you secretly want all that and more?


BUT… there is a but


Maybe the idea of selling your line to stores also scares you. Maybe you secretly want to sell your products to all the stores, but you’re not sure if they will want to work with you. You may worry that they may reject you or be mean. Or maybe you’re worried that stores will want to buy so much that you won’t be able to make it happen? (P.S. - they won’t and if they do order something you can’t handle, there are ways to deal with this!) Or perhaps you have a little mean girl inside your brain telling you that your products are not good enough, or worse, that you’re not good enough? 


If selling to stores is a secret or not so secret dream of yours, now is the best time to tell that mean girl to step aside, because it’s time for you to get ready to enter wholesale in a new way. 


First of all, because you are awesome, you’ve worked your butt off and you deserve good things in life, okay? Also, because buyers are on the lookout  for new products right now, so it's a great time to get everything ready and start getting into stores. So, instead of being late to the game or standing still and not going for it again, what would happen if you got ready and started approaching stores to carry your line? 


Let me tell you something...


Selling your line to stores can elevate your business and your life big time.


I personally had my line in over 600 stores (in under 2 years!) and it was glorious! I made more money, I finally paid myself and I was able to take my family on amazing vacations. I ended up moving my business out of my home basement to a beautiful 1000 square foot office space where I walked in every day with a smile on my face. Where I hired amazing staff to take on the things that didn’t make me come alive, so I could work on the things I believed in and let me grow my business even further. 


Why am I telling you all of this? It's because...


I will help you get ready so you can  start selling your products to stores, the right way!


No more stores ghosting you or feeling unprepared or too afraid to reach out to buyers, no more wondering what to say to buyers in an email or what info you should send to buyers to get their attention and get them placing orders (PS - it's not a long introductory email, links to all the things plus an attached line sheet).


I will teach you how to do wholesale, the right way.


After 10 years in the world of wholesale and getting my own line into 600 stores, I developed a proven and tested system that helps my students get their products onto new store shelves every week. 


You will get into stores, make money and start believing in yourself. You will stop driving around town doing free deliveries (which are not free, because your time is super valuable!) I am launching an awesome program to help you rock your wholesale in 2021 and beyond!


Get out of your head and into more stores!

Stephanie & Janice opened 20 new wholesale accounts in their first week!

"Joining Winning with Wholesale was one of the best decisions we made. We knew we wanted to expand into wholesale, but we didn't really know where to begin.

We needed clarity on how to approach retail stores and what stores were looking for when being approached by a new vendor. 

We had just started getting into the wholesale world and had about five wholesale accounts and knew we wanted to continue expanding.

After the first week of implementing Moni's program we acquired 20 new wholesale accounts. 

We really enjoyed Moni's feedback, expertise and sharing her experience in wholesale.

Her positive attitude and suggestions really help keep you going! 

The program is definitely worth the time and money. It helps you focus your time and attention to the areas of your business that need it."

Stephanie and Janice, Cork House Designs

Why me?

I understand makers and small brands because I had my own handmade line for 10 years. At the beginning I struggled, worked too much, and didn't pay myself enough. I didn't spend much time with my family, I was getting burned out and I didn't want to live like that anymore. I knew something had to change. 


I ended up getting into 600 stores in just 2 years! My brand also won the Small Supplier of the Year award from the Canadian Gift Association. My life changed completely and I knew that I had to share my knowledge with other makers, designers and brands that wanted to get their products into stores. 


That's why I created Winning with Wholesale™. It is a program designed by someone who gets small business and who figured out by trial and error how to get onto store shelves. I want to show you the way to get your line into way more stores. 


If you’re ready to make 2021 your year to be extra awesome and step your wholesale game up big time, then Winning with Wholesale™ is the program for you. Winning with Wholesale™ provides you with clarity, confidence and exact steps to get wholesale orders. You’ll receive dedicated support and coaching as we break down wholesale myths and shift your mindset from unclear to assured.


You might think it’s hard to get into stores or into your dream store. But, the truth is, the only thing that’s standing between you and having your products on the shelves of your dream retailer is:


A great sales pitch.


Many small brand owners are overworked and under paid. They work a lot, doubt themselves and their businesses, and wonder when this will finally take off. This can be changed with an experienced coach and a solid, carefully outlined plan.


I want to bring power to makers, designers and brands and help you grow the business of your dreams. A business that also makes the money you desire and gives you back time for the things that matter most in your life!


Does that sound like something you might want?

If so, join me in Winning with Wholesale™ before I close the doors. 

Justine found a new level of wholesale confidence

"Even though I've been wholesaling for years, I found this program SO helpful! Moni's knowledge, willingness to share her experiences and motivation is priceless!

Winning with Wholesale is truly for everyone wholesaling and eager to learn more and grow. I was in wholesale limbo, waiting for stores to find me. With Moni's help, I created resources to confidently reach out to new stores. I'm actively building on my relationships and building my resources to best help out the stores carrying my line."

Justine, Instagram Influencer & Designer at Justine Ma Design

Mellissa opened 15 new wholesale accounts with confidence before she even completed the program!


"2020 really hit me hard and left me struggling. I was confused about the future of my business and was trying to figure out how to get my business back. I signed up for Winning with Wholesale to have Moni’s guidance as I pivoted my business more to wholesale.

Within the first few weeks of the program, I was surprised by how much I was starting to understand what my business needed and what areas needed improvement, not just in wholesale.

I am on week 8 of the program and I already generated 15 new wholesale accounts, I have more confidence and my wholesale has a clear path now. I also really enjoyed working with Moni. It was clear that she cared about me and the success of my business. She truly understood my business and guided and encouraged me through the whole process.

I think the whole program is an amazing experience. I am no longer floundering around wondering how to get more wholesale accounts! I am just doing it! I owe you so many thanks, Moni!"

Mellissa, Royce & Oak

By the end of the program, you'll have:

  • The best tools and techniques to get orders from stores and increase your revenue
  • A winning sales presentation that will make you look like a pro (not a newbie), and will get buyers saying yes to carrying your line
  • Confidence and the know-how to approach store owners and corporate buyers
  • A better understanding of the wholesale industry, so you can always show up like a pro
  • The ability to take your business to new heights
  • A repeatable process that you can use again and again to continue to grow your wholesale accounts

During the 8 weeks of Winning with Wholesale™ you will receive:

  • Weekly videos and exercises walking you step by step through our Winning with Wholesale™ process, so you can feel confident and start collecting wholesale orders quickly! ($2000 value)
  • Group coaching calls with Moni every week to keep you motivated and on track. During our calls you can submit your work in progress (i.e. sales sheet, line sheet, catalogue) to be personally reviewed by me. You can ask me any question about wholesale and get instant access to my 10 years of experience in wholesale. ($4000 value)
  • All the email templates you need to rock wholesale like the star you are  ($1000 value)
  • Professionally designed sales sheet templates ($500 value)
  • A list of low cost and free  line sheets and catalogue templates ($500 value)
  • Love and support in a private Facebook group  (Priceless!!)


PLUS, as a limited bonus for the first few students only...

We are including some amazing BONUSES!

  1. BONUS training on how to get featured in retail media for free
  2. BONUS training on advertising opportunities to reach retailers
  3. A personal one-on-one session with Moni to review your sales sheet and get direct feedback (limited spots available)

 A total value of $8000 for just $1997


Winning with Wholesale™ is closing soon. Sign up now before the doors close again!


Here's the breakdown


Weeks 1 - 3

(Nov 23 - Dec 11)

  • Develop your unique pitch angle
  • Conceptualize and mock up your sales sheet
  • Review and finalize your sales sheet





Dec. 12 - Jan. 3 


Weeks 4 - 8

(Jan 4 - Feb 5)

  • Find buyer's contact info
  • Create outreach strategy
  • Set up sales emails
  • Set up tracking system
  • Develop sales funnel
  • Pitch buyers
  • Process sample requests
  • Collect orders!!

Take gig to biz


When you join Winning with Wholesale™, you will say goodbye to doubts and fear of rejection, and welcome the potential that you've had in you since the beginning!

I will help you strategize and build confidence to be a wholesale pro!

You will experience a whole new level of success getting your products into stores during this 8 week program and beyond.

Let's do this together!

*** 180 Day Money Back Guarantee ***

I know that you’re going to grow your business with Winning with Wholesale™ because I’ve seen it time and time again. But, I want you to feel confident in investing your money. So, if you do not see any positive results from this training, simply show us that you’ve done the work, and if it isn’t working... we’ll refund your investment!

Simply email [email protected] and we’ll gladly refund your entire investment.

Why would I do this? Because you shouldn’t have to pay for something that doesn’t work! And I’m so convinced of how effective this is, I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. That’s how much I believe in this training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Winning with Wholesale™

  • Course blueprint to keep you focused and on track
  • Pre-recorded training modules of the signature online program, so you can learn any time and anywhere (lifetime access)
  • Live group coaching sessions every week (for 8 weeks)
  • Q&A direct to Moni during the coaching calls (for 8 weeks)
  • Templates to save you time
  • Swipe files to save you time
  • Weekly assignments to keep you on track
  • Access to a private Facebook community of other business owners, who are also growing their wholesale accounts
  • BONUS training on how to get featured in retail media for free
  • BONUS training on  advertising opportunities to reach retailers










Just 2 installments of $1,297 or pay in full and save $597


Winning with Wholesale™ PLATINUM


  • Course blueprint to keep you focused and on track
  • Pre-recorded training modules of the signature online program, so you can learn any time and anywhere (lifetime access)
  • Live group coaching sessions every week (for 8 weeks)
  • Q&A direct to Moni during the coaching calls (for 8 weeks)
  • Templates to save you time
  • Swipe files to save you time
  • Weekly assignments to keep you on track
  • Access to a private Facebook community of other business owners, who are also growing their wholesale accounts
  • BONUS training on how to get featured in retail media for free
  • BONUS training on  advertising opportunities to reach retailers

In addition, you will get the following:

  • 8 week Voxer Access directly to Moni for personalized support and feedback as you need it
  • Materials and Copy Review  - every week, you can submit anything you create and I'll personally review it and help you refine it. 
  • BONUS Weekly check ins from Moni to keep you motivated, on track and help you remove any blocks that may stand in your way!



Just 2 installments of $2997 or pay in full and save $997


Still unsure?

Drop us an email at: [email protected]

We are very friendly, and are happy to answer any questions you have!