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Are you ready to grow your wholesale? Hire me as your Fractional Director of Wholesale. 

Being a Fractional Director of Wholesale allows me to become part of your business, take a deeper dive into your business, create a wholesale strategy specifically for your brand, and offer one on one wholesale and business guidance and support to you.

My rate is $1900/month, which includes 20 hours per month or $3500 which includes 40 hours per month.

To give you an idea, it takes about 20-30 hours of research and work to create a custom wholesale strategy.

Once we have a wholesale strategy completed, I can implement it, help you implement it or step away and you implement it on your own.

Implementing could include anything from creating wholesale sales and marketing materials, finding stores for your line, pitching stores, setting up systems for consistent wholesale reorders, developing high sell through packaging and retail displays, setting up a CRM, and more!

I can come in for as short as two months or as long as six months.

Interested? Let's chat!

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