We Are Koopslie Consulting.

We Help Awesome Product Brands Succeed in Retail.


Psst... You're in the right place if:

  • You've developed or designed an amazing, high quality product that your customers rave about! 

  •  You're already making Direct to Consumer sales, either on your website or at craft shows and markets.

  • You're ready to skyrocket your sales!

Let's Get Your Products on the Shelves of Your Ideal Stores 

Koopslie Consulting is a boutique consulting firm with a focus on helping product-based businesses get their products into retail stores

We are a small and scrappy team with a big heart led by, Moni Kupczak Ainslie. If you smush Moni's two last names together, you get Koopslie.

‚ÄčOver the last 12 years we personally sold our two very different product lines to hundreds of retailers. We've also helped clients and students get into hundreds of stores with no prior experience. We know firsthand how exciting it is to get a product onto store shelves and what it takes to get it to sell once it's on the shelf.

We know how to get great products in front of the right buyers at the right time.

We've helped clients from around the world grow their retail accounts.

Now It's Your Turn.

How We Work with Product Brands

We provide a wide range of services to product-based businesses that want to get their products into stores for the first time AND to those brands that already sell wholesale but something isn't working or they want to grow further and need additional support.

There Are Three Ways We Can Work Together:

  1. Our Winning with Wholesale program. This is the best place to get started as all of our consulting work is based on the methods in this program. Most brands find this is the only thing they need to help them grow their wholesale or improve any existing wholesale issues, such as low conversion rates or low re-order rates.
  2. One on One work with our Students: once you’re in the Winning with Wholesale program you can sign up for additional one on one coaching and consulting at discounted, if you would like additional help and support outside of the student support group. All of our students receive discounted pricing and priority booking for one on one sessions. 
  3. Custom, One on One Consulting - we work with brands on a custom, one on one project basis. Scroll down to see a list of our services.  

What Do You Need Help With?

Our Services Include:

Developing Your Strategy for Wholesale Success 

Assessing Your Product/Brand's Readiness for Retail

Developing Your Winning Sales Materials

Addressing Low In-Store Sales & Low Reorder Rates

Product Packaging & Retail Displays

Helping You Get More Orders on Faire

Launching Your Products to New Retailers

Increasing Your  Wholesale Sales & Avg. Order Value

Identifying Your Ideal Retailers & Finding Contact Info

Presenting Your Line to Wholesale Buyers

Wholesale and Retail Pricing for Profitability

Helping You Sell to Online Marketplaces

Want to Work Together One on One? Book a Free Discovery Call Today!