Hi! I'm Moni.

I Teach Makers, Designers and Indie Brands How To Sell Your Products To Stores!

If You Want To Sell Your Products To Stores... You're In The Right Place!


I know firsthand how exciting it is to get a product onto store shelves. I sold my own handmade line to over 600 stores across the world and it was amazing! 

So, after I sold that business last year, I knew I wanted to help other brands experience amazing business growth by selling their products to stores. 

These days I work with busy and passionate makers, designers and indie brands that have created something magical; a product that the world needs to know about. 

I show them a clear path to get their products into buyers’ hearts and onto store shelves. I do this with my Free Wholesale Masterclass and my signature program - Winning with WholesaleThe program works! I’ve had students open 20 new wholesale accounts in one week or go from being in 5 stores to selling to over 50 stores! 

If you want to dip your toes into wholesale, then sign up for my Free Wholesale Masterclass.

And if you are ready to step it up BIG TIME and sell your products to stores with confidence and ease, then join Winning with Wholesale today!

I can't wait to help you grow your business!

See you inside!


Your Wholesale Coach and Creator of Winning with Wholesale™